Ignite day 2 – Modern Management recap

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Today was day 2 of the Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. Today I was in the focus in sessions about modern management on the move. That means, for example, Microsoft Intune, but especially the newly announced function of the “Microsoft Endpoint Manager”.

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
Microsoft Intune 
Configuration Manager 
Other Endpoint 
Management Tools 
Integrated solution for IT admins to understand and take 
action across all endpoints in their estate 
Microsoft Endpoint Manager 
Status and alerts
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

With the Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft wants to unite all endpoint management systems. For example, the administration of SCCM and Intune in co-management should be simplified. Through the Cloud-based Endpoint Manager, you can also administrate pure SCCM managed devices. This is made possible by some new functions in the co-management of SCCM and Intune.

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Cloud Attach 
DEP 40 - Thu 12:45pm 
Supercharge PC and mobile device management: 
Attach Configuration Manager to Microsoft Intune and the 
Microsoft 365 cloud 
e Cloud intelligence drives management 
e Unified endpoint management 
e Web based admin for Config Manager 
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center 
Config Manager
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Cloud Attach

A benefit of the Endpoint Manager is that it supports role-based administration (RBAC). The Helpdesk with a suitable authorization role can also use this interface and only sees the information made available to it. This makes the permissions management much easier compared to set the SCCM permissions, the Intune permissions, the AzureAD permissions and others. It also provides a consolidated, web-based console. This implies no more admin software or administrative password hashes or tokens on the system. RBAC can also be used to hide certain security settings that may be managed by a dedicated security team.

Endpoint Manager and Licensing

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Announcing new co-management licensing 
• Cloud attach Config Manager PCs without an Intune license (co-managed) 
• Config Manager SA and AAD PI required 
• Mobility Management (iOS, Android, macOS) not included 
• December 1, 2019 
• Set up your AAD tenant (already done if you use Office 365) 
• Use Config Manager to enable Co-management 
• See your PCs in Microsoft Endpoint Manager
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Co-management licensing

To provide a better motivation to customers, Intune licensing for SCCM customers with Software Assurance will also be facilitated. For these customers, Intune will soon be free of charge. Only an Azure AD P1 plan is needed in order to provide Intune as MDM for the systems and to extend the Azure AD with further necessary functions.

Security Admin

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Trusted by IT and fully integrated 
Microsoft 365 
Admin Center 
Identity and 
My Dashboard v 
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Admin Center

The Security Admin also has an extension in the pipeline. Security baselines have been around since last year, but they are now being extended. Also, security guidelines for Edge and Office 365 Pro Plus are announced.

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Encryption Management 
BRK 3083 Wed 2:00 prn 
Unified endpoint security management With Microsoft 
Defender ATP and Microsoft Endpoint Manager 
Windows, macOS, iOS, Android 
e Cloud and on-premise 
Key recover and rotation 
e Rich configuration and reporting 
& Reporting 
Recovery Key 
Cloud On-prem
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Encryption Management

Also new are the rules for device encryption, at least for some operating systems. macOS is now also supported, including the management of the recovery key.

A lot has happened with Windows 10 as well. MBAM is already discontinued for the future. Now Intune finally gets the necessary controls to make it easy. Including saving the recovery key and recreating a recovery key via Intune. This is handy once it has been released to the customer.

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
• More 
eset passcode 
(ID Autopilot Reset 
Fresh Start 
Primary User 
• June Branch 
June Branch 
Enrolled by 
Operating system . 
Virtual Machine 
Device model 
Quick scan 
Full scan 
'C Update Windows Defender s... 
BitLocker key rotation 
BitLocker key rotation 
Rename dev 
Q) New Remote Assistance Sessi...
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Recovery Key rotation

This function can be found in the Troubleshoot menu item in the Security Console.

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Endpoint Security Admin 
BRK 3083 - Wed 2:00 pm 
Unified endpoint security management With Microsoft 
Defender ATP and Microsoft Endpoint Manager 
BR K3156 - Thu 10:15 am 
Security in overdrive: best practices for configuring Microsoft 
Defender A TP 
Dedicated Sec Admin workspace 
Cross persona workflows 
Covers both cloud and on-prem endpoints 
Integrated With Microsoft Defender ATP 
O Security •
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Endpoint Security Admin

Experience Score

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
User experienceanalyocs•Start X 8 Microsoft Secure Score • M•crot X -i- 
O https}/devicemanagement.microsoft.com/#blade/Microsoft_lntune_Enrollment/UXAnatyticsMenu/bootPerformance 
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center 
Oashboard > Reports (preview) > User experience analytics - Startup performance 
User experience analytics - Startup performance 
Q O LDay@Iyüte2019h-otyn— 
p Search (Ctrt•/) 
O Settings 
Startup performance 
Proactive remediations 
Recommended software 
Type here to search 
Startup score : Model performance 
Device perfor mance 
Improve startup performance to optimize -time from power-on to productivity-. 
Startup score O 
Learn more 
Baseline O 
I All organizations (median) 
Insights and recomrnerxiations O 
Score breakdown 
Core boot score O 
Core sign-in score (D 
Average startup phases (seconds) 
Startup phase 
Core boot time O 
Group Policy boot time Q) 
72.0 / 50.0 
70.0 / sco 
4-1 / — 
anai•ytxs - S.tEüC — 
You have 564 devices using HOOS On average, these devices 
boot 91.16 seconds slower and sign in 30.58 seconds sJower than 
your SSO dev'ices. 
Upgrading these devices will boost your score by 1 S points. 
Learn more 
You have 1989 devices With sign-in times slowed by Group Poiicy. 
On average, these devices spend 14.51 seconds processing 
Group Policies- 
Reducing Group Policy overhead will boost 'jour score by 11 
points- Learn more 
You have 1064 devices With boot times slowed by Group %lky. 
On average. these devices spend 6126 seconds processing 
Group Policies- 
—ö Reducing Group Policy overhead wal boost y•our score by S 
points Learn more 
You 4CA denkes mth slcw sign-in times. On average. these 
sign 40.61 seconds than jour other 
Cettir•g these to sign in in a normal range wil boost 
score 7 points- Learn
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Experience Score

This new feature should help the IT department to find optimizations on the devices for better usability. Telemetry data and other signals of the devices will be analyzed. Possible recommendations are SSD instead of HDD or changes to the configuration. It is also interesting that these data can be sorted according to many criteria. Model-based analyses can also be performed, such as which hardware model has the longest boot time.

There are also scripts that are executed automatically to improve performance. The preview currently contains 6 scripts:

  • Check Network Certificates
  • Clear stale certificates
  • Check VPN
  • Restart stopped Office activation
  • Restart stopped Office Click-2-Run Services
  • Update stale Groupe Policy
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User experienceanalyt•cs -Pro.) e MRrosottSeaneScote - X 
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center 
Dashboard > Reports (preview) User experience analytics - Proactive remediations 
User experience analytics - Proactive remediations 
O 9horvre 
Recurred O 
Refresh -f- Create Script 
Run script packages on devices to proactively find and fix the top support issues in your organizations. You can create 
Script packages by pasting your scripts directly, importing a JSON file or duplicating an existing script package. Learn 
Startup performance 
Proactive remediations 
Recommended software 
Type here to search 
„O Search by Script name 
Script name 
Check network certificates 
Clear stale certificates 
Custom created: Check VPN • 
Restart stopped Office activa.„ 
Restart stopped Office C2R 
Update stale Group Policies 
O Active 
O Active 
O Active 
O Active 
No issue 
64 S 
Issue found 
Lise expenerce anaiytk:s • 
Issue fixed 
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Proactive remediations

Non-Windows Management

There are separate break-out sessions for non-Windows 10 devices.

macOS Management

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macOS Management 
Thu 9:35 am 
MacOS device management With Microsoft Intune 
App deployment, device configuration, 
certificates, VPN, WiFl 
e Protection With device wipe, encryption, 
Defender AT p 
Limit access to compliant Macs 
e Complex management support available 
With Jamf 
macOS Deployment Scenarios 
Intune managed 
Jamf managed, Intune compliant 
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: macOS Management

A special feature, which I would like to mention here and which was shown briefly, Intune Management for macOS devices. Until now, this was only possible through the integration of the third-party solution JAMf. At the beginning of next year, a beta for the Native solution will be released. Microsoft also said that Native will contain only one basic configuration and that JAMf will continue to be the right solution for more complex scenarios.

Another session on the subject of non-Windows devices is:

Android OS Management

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Personally Owned 
Android Management 
BRK 3082 
Wed 3:15 pm 
Android Device Management With Microsoft Intune 
Flexible deployment scenarios 
e Zero-touch and Knox Mobile Enrollment 
e Management of OEM-specific features 
beyond the Android platform 
e Customizable end user experience With 
Microsoft Launcher 
Intune APP 
AE Work Profile 
Company Owned 
AE Dedicated 
AE Fully Managed
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Android Management

Mobile Application Management can now also be used to block the execution of corporate applications, or applications in the corporate context when a device is not secure. An example is the use of Lookout for companies to detect unauthorized or dangerous applications.

iPhone / iPad Management

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iOS & iPadOS Management 
BRK 3219 
Wed 12:45 pm 
iOS and iPadOS Management With Microsoft Intune. 
e Multiple deployment options 
Best-in-class, configurable enrollment 
Comprehensive device configuration and 
e Current iOS management applies to 
iPadOS devices 
Intune APP 
Device Enrollment 
User Enrollment 
Automated Device 
Enrollment (i.e. DEP)
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: iOS & iPadOS Management

Mobile Application Management is now also supported by iPads and iPhones. A new feature is that the customers are guided by an assistant during setup. This also establishes a federation between the Apple ID and Azure AD for this user. This allows for some SSO functions.

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
iOS & iPadOS Data Protection 
BRK 3219 
Wed 12:45 pm 
iOS and iPadOS Management With Microsoft Intune. 
Comprehensive security and data protection 
Best-in-class, configurable enrollment 
Better Together: User Enrollment and 
Intune App Protection Policies 
e Smart card "derived" credentials give 
passwordless resource access 
Personal Volume 
Corporate Volume 
Corporate Data 
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: iOS & iPadOS Data Protection

Office Pro Plus Management

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
Office Pro Plus Management 
Provide the best Office Experience 
Driven by cloud intelligence 
Security and configuration management 
Cloud content optimization 
Office 365 
Config Manager 
Content Optimization
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Office Pro Plus Management

In the software assignment for Office Pro Plus, the individual programs can now also be selected for installation. The update rings can also be defined here, and other settings that were previously only possible via a config.xml can be made.

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
App Sude Settings - Microsoft X MoosoftSecureScore• Mtcrol X 
O https://devicemanagement.microsoft.com/#blade/Mictosoft_lntune_DeviceSettings/AppsMenu/alIApps 
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center 
Dashboard > Apps - All apps Add app > App Suite Settings 
Add app 
App type 
Windows 10 
Use this type to assign Office 365 ProPlus 
apps to Windows 10 devices With Intune. 
This Suite of applications will appear as 
App Suite Settings 
These settings appty to all apps you have 
selected in the suite. Learn more 
64 •brt 
Update channel 
Select one 
Select one 
Vetsion to install on end usct devtccs, 
Learn more 
Speclfic version 
Remove other versions of Office (MSI) 
from end user devices. Learn more 
Automatically accept the app end user 
license agreement 
( Yes 
Use shared computer activation 
one app in your apps list- 
Leam more. 
Settings format 
Configuration designer 
OApp Suite Information O 
App suite information is confi... 
OConfigure App Suite@ 
10 apps selected 
•App Suite Settings O 
Gfigure installation options f.« 
Scope (Tags) 
O scope(s) selected 
Microsoft has changed the 
for send'ng ser•oce and 
Type here to search 
Sute Settrgs - —
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Office configuration

To get an exact overview of the 2169 possibilities of the administrative templates for Office, I recommend a look at the article “Administrative templates in Intune – incl. list“.

Microsoft Edge

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
Secure Enterprise Browsing 
BRK 3253 - Fri 10:1 sam 
Protected, productive mobile browsing With Microsoft Edge mobile 
and Microsoft Intune 
BRK2230 - Wed 10:15 am 
One browserfor modern and legacy web apps: Deploying Microsoft 
Edge and Internet Explorer mode 
e Delightful mobile productivity experiences 
Enterprise-grade security and manageability 
e Dual ID With easy transition between work 
and personal accounts 
App store 
Google Play 
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Secure Enterprise Browsing

Microsoft Edge is now available for Windows 10, iOS, Android and macOS, on some of these systems still in beta. As previously described in the article “News from Edge Chromium”, it is now based on the Chromium Engine. Now it can easily be distributed to the different device types via Intune. It is possible to select the channels of the Edge Browser, for example, Beta or Release. Depending on the OS you can also make further settings. For Windows 10, the Edge can currently be controlled via 472 administrative templates. The list can be found again in the article “Administrative templates in Intune – incl. list“.

A new feature is the possibility to define business URLs in the Edge by the IT department. These are opened in the work profile and are subject to the MAM rules. All other pages are opened in the Personal Profile.

New in Autopilot

In the first sessions, only functions that were already known were reported:

  • WhiteGlove (GA 2020)
  • AzureAD Hybrit Join
  • Administrative Vorlagen

This has changed, as expected in the session of Michael Niehaus. And here were some important and in my opinion long overdue announcements made.

Also practical is the listing of the costs for autopilot at the various OEMs. Even though I already knew them for Dell.

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
Windows Autopilot // Major OEM status 
Device registration 
(Targeting later CY19) 
Clean images 
$30/PC offering 
$0.01 option 
Free; additional offerings at 
SS/PC and $8-35/PC 
Dell: Free registration. Additional $30/PC offering 
includes clean image or custom image Ioading, and 
choice of N, N-1, or N-2 Windows 10 releases. 
Lenovo: $5/PC registration fee. Clean image by 
default. Additional $5/PC offering removes most 
apps from the OS; $8-35/PC offering allows choice of 
N, N-1, N-2 Windows 10 releases and offers 
preloading of up to five Win32 apps. 
HP: Pilot program available today for device 
registration. Additional $O.OI/PC fee for clean image. 
Surface: Free registration. Clean image by default.
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Autopilot OEM status

Reseller support

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Windows Autopilot // Coming soon 
jrnm 10, 121 
Autopilot Product Key 
Microsoft Product Key ID 
46rnm (1 811
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Autopilot Product Key

One of the innovations that are interesting for many resellers is that Microsoft has created a possibility for manufacturers to apply a product ID for Autopilot to the packaging. With this product ID, resellers can add the computer to the customer’s Azure Device Directory. How exactly this works and when Microsoft will provide the interfaces for manufacturers to generate the ID and resellers to add it to the customer Azure AD, is not clear yet.

Network optimization

Another essential change is that in future the SCCM distribution point can also serve as a cache for Intune, Office, Windows Updates 4 Business and Microsoft Store. This is especially important for larger deployments to prevent the Internet line from collapsing. Unfortunately, there is no specific timeline known here.

SCCM-Integration in Autopilot

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
Windows Autopilot // Cross-scenario features 
AVAILABLE in 1803+ 
status page 
Track progress of: 
Win32, MSI and 
UWP apps 
New! Disable for 
Nth users 
Coming soon! 
Integration With 
Coming soon! 
Options for skipping 
user ESP, targeting 
users and computers 
AVAILABLE in Intune 
Device lifecycle 
Register and de- 
register devices 
Coming soon! 
Coming soon! 
group tags 
Coming soon! 
Assign computer 
names (Q4CY19) 
AVAILABLE in Intune 
Reporting and 
See information 
about Windows 
Coming soon! 
Windows Autopilot 
deployment report 
Coming soon! 
Windows Autopilot 
log collection 
Windows and 
device config 
Make it easier to set 
up Windows 10 
defaults, features, 
configuration, etc. 
New! DFCI firmware 
Planned! Remove 
list of in-box apps 
Planned! Add 
language packs and 
Cache content so it 
doesn't need to be 
repeatedly from the 
New! Office 365 
ProPlus install 
support (preview) 
Planned! Automatic 
Connected Cache 
discover for white 
AVAILABLE in 1903+ 
Autopilot update 
Automatically install 
the tatest Windows 
Autopilot features 
and updates 
Windows 10 1903 
04517211 +) or later
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Cross-scenario feature

Another change in Autopilot related to SCCM is that in future SCCM task sequences can also be executed on the client via Autopilot / Intune. This allows for some very interesting possibilities.

Updates for Autopilot

What actually works is that the autopilot can now download updates for autopilot when you run it and can thus be extended by functions on-the-fly. This is especially helpful when the OEM only provides images of the respective RTM versions. Prerequisite is 1909 or 1903 with the September update.

VPN support

With this feature, all I can say is, “FINALLY!!!!!”.

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
Windows Autopilot // Deployment Scenarios 
AVAILABLE in 1703 
mode With 
Azure AD Join 
Join device to Azure 
AD, enroll in 
AVAILABLE in 1809 
mode With 
Hybrid Azure 
AD join 
Join device to AD, 
enroll in Intune/MDM 
Coming soon! 
Deploy over VPN 
(preview in QICY20, 
AVAILABLE in 1903 
Autopilot white 
glove (preview) 
White glove partners 
or IT staff can pre- 
provision Windows 10 
PC to be fully 
configured and 
business-ready for an 
org or user 
General availability 
targeting CY20 
AVAILABLE in 1903 
mode (preview) 
No need to provide 
automatically joins 
Azure AD 
General availability 
targeting CY20 
AVAILABLE in 1809 
Autopilot for 
existing devices 
Windows 7/8.1 to 
Windows 10 
ConfigMgr task 
sequence, followed 
by Windows 
Autopilot user-driven 
New! Hybrid Azure 
AD Join support
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Deployment Scenarios

Announced is the VPN support for autopilot for Q1 2020 and requires an autopilot with the update function. The update function can be used to update the autopilot afterwards with this feature. This eliminates the need for the hybrid domain joins to have a direct connection to a domain controller. This means that users can finally perform the Hybrid-AD Join at home. In combination with White-Glove, the autopilot can finally be used even with narrow bandwidths. The important requirement is that the VPN client is packaged and distributed as Intune Software. The VPN client must also be able to connect to the tunnel before the user logs in.

Have I said already? Finally!!!!

Modern Authentication in Autopilot

Soon Autopilot will also support the log in via Authenticator App on the mobile phone or via FIDO2 Token.

Names are not so important, are they?

In the future, the naming scheme for autopilot and hybrid domain join will be aligned. It will also be possible for IT to specify selected names directly for a device.

Overview slides by Michael Niehaus on the innovations

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
Windows Autopilot // Top 10 new features coming soon 
User-driven Hybrid Azure AD Join over the internet — VPN support (QI CY20 preview) 
Integration With Configuration Manager for running task sequences (Hl CY20) 
Group tag editing (Q4CY19) 
Direct computer name assignment (Q4CY19 for Azure AD) 
Windows Autopilot deployment report (Q4CY19) 
Aligned naming options for Azure AD and Hybrid Azure AD (CY20) 
Guided scenarios to help With initial setup and configuration 
ESP enhancements for targeting, disabling user ESP, Nth user 
Full network documentation (URLs, IP addresses, etc.) 
Windows 10 configuration for features, language packs, in-box apps
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Top 10 new features coming soon
Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
Windows Autopilot // Top 6 future investment areas 
Troubleshooting and logging improvements 
Migration of apps and settings from an Old computer 
Provisioning performance - the need for speed 
Configuration of Windows 10 preferences and defaults (vs. just policy/setting 
Device lifecycle management improvements 
Better handling of OS languages
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Top 6 future investment areas

New in Intune

Computergenerierter Alternativtext:
Policy Sets and Guided 
THR 3026 - Tue 11:30 am 
Keep it simple: Microsoft 365 device and app management 
Create standard configurations 
Get up and running quickly 
Assign and report in aggreate 
App Config 
App Protection Policy 
Device Config Profites 
Device Compliance Policies
Photo: Fabian Niesen – Ignite 2019: Policy Sets

One of the new features in Intune is Policy Sets. These bundled applications, application configurations, and application protection policies together. This is intended to simplify administration for administrators. So only one Policy Set has to be assigned, instead of everything individually.

Also new is the so-called “Guides Scenarios”. These are a guided wizard through individual steps for certain scenarios and end in a finished policy set. The target group for this are new administrators or generalists who are looking for a simple start.

Note on transparency

At the time of writing, I was working for Dell Technologies. However, this article reflects my own personal opinion, and was not sponsored, influenced or rewarded by my employer in any way. Only the trip to Ignite was paid by Dell. #Iwork4Dell

This article first appeared on Infrastrukturhelden.de in German.

This article is a translation of the Infrastrukturhelden.de article “Ignite – Modern Management” (Published- 2019-11-06). Links may refer to other Infrastrukturhelden.de articles, these may also be available in English language.

Also it can be, that I still use screenshots of German systems. However, where it is possible for me with little effort, I insert screenshots of English systems.

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