MCT Regional Lead 2020-2021


I got a mail from Microsoft, I was elected as an MCT Regional Lead for the 3rd time in a row. Since 2016 I am an MCT Regional Lead in Germany for Microsoft Certified Trainers.

But what is an MCT Regional Lead? MCT Regional Lead is an award from Microsoft for active MCTs who take care of the MCT community and also for MCTs and those who want to become an MCT. The award is always for 2 years, any active MCT can apply.

How many of us are there? In the last period, 2018-2019, there were only 75 MCT Regional Leads worldwide. Of these, 6 were MCT RL from Germany, which also shows that there are many active MCTs in Germany. In comparison, the USA has had only 15 MCT RL.

I would like to thank the Microsoft Learning team for the trust they have placed in me.