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In October 2019, I started writing in English at After testing it on LinkedIn, it seemed like a good idea. But after more than a year, I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s not worth the time and effort. The effort is greater than I thought, and so I end this experiment.In the future, I will publish individual English articles again on LinkedIn or on other sites. If anyone knows of an English-language blog that still has room for a few blog posts, let me know.

I will post the previous English articles, if they are still relevant, on LinkedIn or other places before I take offline. I will maintain the links in this article and also update it.

More information are available at in the corresponding announcement article (Available in German and English). This article will not be updated.

Fabian Niesen has been working as an IT consultant for years. Here he writes privately and independently of his employer. Among others he is certified as MCSA Windows Server 2008 / 2012, MCSA Office 365, MCSA Windows 10, MCSE Messaging, MCT and Novell Certified Linux Administrator. Since 2016 he is also MCT Regional Lead for Germany. His hobbies are social media, blogging, medieval markets, historical songs and house building.

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