Windows LAPS and the migration from Microsoft LAPS

20230809 WindowsLAPS 08 Windows LAPS and the migration from Microsoft LAPS 1

In this era, the topic of IT security is becoming more and more important. A possible attack vector has always been the local admin passwords. In most cases, these were hard-wired into the installation image and had not been changed for years. Not only a risk from former employees. The lateral movement also poses a … Read more

What is the German IT baseline protection (IT-Grundschutz)?

IT Security, Cyber Security, image on the topic of IT security that features a lock at the center of the image as a central symbol for protection and security. Surround the lock with circuitry and electronic components in the background to establish a connection to the digital world and technology.

The German IT-Grundschutz forms the basis for IT security in Germany and is internationally recognised. This is a collection of recommendations that help IT systems to be protected against security threats. In this blog article, I would like to take a closer look at the origin, international acceptance and structure of the German IT-Grundschutz.