Microsoft Autopilot Pre-Provisioning troubleshooting – how to get the logs


I work a lot with Microsoft Intune, Autopilot and also Pre-Provisioning. Especially with the latter, I often have to troubleshoot for my customers when things don’t work out. Michael Niehaus has written several articles on troubleshooting, including: Troubleshooting Windows Autopilot, a reference – Out of Office Hours ( Windows Autopilot diagnostics: Digging deeper – Out … Read more

BIOS Password managing with Dell Command | Monitor and workspace One

word image BIOS Password managing with Dell Command | Monitor and workspace One 2

Today I will write me first English private Blog to share with you my project experience.

My learning since a couple of years are everyone is talking about BIOS passwords as part of security but in real life the most BIOS password will be set one time and never change in the time of using the device. With modern work and more mobility, it would be more and more complicated to change BIOS settings because not all devices are in your own network. I will show you in this blog how you could set a BIOS password on a device by PowerShell and Configuration Service Provider (CSP). All scripts are free, and you could use this own your risk without support.

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Network Installation with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – Part 2: Service Account, Drivers, Software, Base Image Considerations

This is part 2 of 4 of the article series. Part 1 is “Network installation with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – Part 1: Guidelines, preparation and setup”.

Configuring a Service Account

To access the network share, create computer accounts and perform other functions, a service account should be created for the MDT in Active Directory. This account must be given change permissions in the file system for the hidden share and the corresponding NTFS structure. It is actually sufficient to restrict write access for this user to the “Capture” folder. Read access is sufficient for the rest in this scenario.

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