End User Computing MeetUp – Bonn / Koblenz Area (Germany)

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For a long time, I have been planning a MeetUp on the topic of End User Computing, which I am starting to organize and regularly offering now. Many can’t imagine much about End-User Computing (EuC), in general, it’s about working on the end device, i.e. the computer, tablet, mobile phone and Co.

But what is it more precisely about? Here are a few topics:

  • Operating system deployment, whether Classic (SCCM, Barramundi, Matrix42 & Co.) or Modern (Autopilot, Intune or other MDM)
  • Operating system configuration for the device, classic via group policies, scripts or registry settings or modern via MDM policies
  • Endpoint security configurations, encryption, anti-virus, data loss prevention, and many other topics.
  • Life-Cycle Management, with focus on Windows as a Service, processes, EOL audits

But these are just a few topics fields. The focus, however, is on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform.

Meetup Planning

The Meetup is planned to take place once a month, but that depends on you and your interest. Geographically, the Meetup should be consciously wandering. The focus is between Cologne and Koblenz, but also Düsseldorf and Frankfurt can be possible sometimes. The goal here is to attract companies that provide the rooms free of charge. Based on past experience, I don’t want to do this in pubs or restaurants. Most of them have no reasonable internet connection and no beamer.

The procedure of an evening

The individual evenings should follow the same principle.

  • Arrival / Networking
  • Talk of the evening
  • Round-Table – discuss problems and ideas with each other in the round-table discussion

The language of the Meetup will be German, this also applies to the talks.

What’s the Meetup not supposed to be?

The important thing for me is an exchange between experts and professionals. It should not be a marketing event for individual companies or manufacturers. The exception would be, the Community wishes itself sometimes a manufacturer presentation. I also organize the Meetup as a private person and not as an employee of my employer.

Nor should this be an event where I give all talks and workshops, but I would also like to offer other interested people a stage.

To the Meetup

For administration, I use the platform Meetup.com and also bear the costs for it. You can find the group at https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/End-User-Computing-Bonn-Koblenz/
The language on the MeetUp is German.

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